Italian meeting on lignocellulosic chemistry

Third Annual Workshop

September 1-4,2009 - Villa Monastero
Varenna (Lecco), Italy

Meeting pictures

Meeting presentation
The organizing committee cordially invites you to Italian meeting of lignocellulosic chemistry. The roots of the ITALIC meetings go back to Rome, where the first Italian Meeting, on LignoCellulosics was held in February 2001, gathering a relatively small group of scientists. The next Italic meeting was organized in Como, Italy, in June 2003 followed by ITALIC 3 in L’Aquila in June 2005 and ITALIC 4 in Rome in May 2007. The ITALIC meetings have now been regularly held and the scope has been extended from fundamental and applied aspects of lignocellulosic materials chemistry, biochemistry and technology. The present meeting is organised in conjunction with the Third Annual Workshop of COST FP0602: Biotechnology for lignocellulose biorefineries. Chair: Claudia Crestini. Read here the full ITALIC 5 presentation.

The most recent advances in the following topics will be addressed:
Advances in fundamentals
    - Advances in biomass characterisation
        - Analytical tools
        - Surface characterisations
    - Mechanisms & reactivity
        - Biosynthesis of cell wall and its components
Sustainable new products and materials
    - Nanostructured materials
    - New composite materials
    - Biologically active biomass components
    - New Food & health applications
    - Textile applications
Novel processes for the isolation and modification of biomass components
    - Pretreatment processes
    - Fractionation and modification processes
Valorization of agrobiomass including wastes and residues from food industry
    - Potential raw material streams and applications
Biotechnology for biomass valorisation. Third Annual Workshop of COST FP0602:
   Biotechnology for lignocellulose biorefineries

    - Development of enzymes and micro-organisms
    - Applications for fibre products
    - Advances in high added bio-based materials and products