Kohonen and CP-ANN toolbox

What Kohonen and CP-ANN toolbox is?

The Kohonen and CPANN toolbox is a collection of MATLAB modules for developing Kohonen Maps and Counterpropagation Artificial Neural networs (CP-ANNs), Supervised Kohonen networks (SKN), XY-fused networks (XY-F). These are well known neural networks aimed to the study of data structure (Kohonen Maps) and to classification purpouses (CP-ANNs, Supervised Kohonen networks, XY-fused networks).

MATLAB should be installed, while no other toolboxes are needed. This is the version 3.8 of Kohonen and CP-ANN toolbox

Kohonen and CP-ANN toolbox has been released by Milano Chemometrics and QSAR research Group

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Installing the toolbox

In order to install the toolbox, simply copy the files to a folder (e.g. "Kohonen and CP-ANN toolbox"). Then, in order to use it, select the same folder as MATLAB current directory.

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Help structure

This html help provides some underlying information on Kohonen Maps, CP-ANNs, Supervised Kohonen networks and XY-fused networks (see Theory section). How to start explains how to prepare your data and how to handle the Neural Network settings. Model calculation, analyis of results, prediction of new samples and cross validation are distinctly explained for all the available networks. If you wish to use the graphical interface, please read the corresponding section. A complete list of all the used MATLAB routines is given. An example of analysis (on the classical IRIS data set) is shown. Finally, some bibliographic references to Kohonen Maps and CP-ANNs are given. Please, read also the license and write us if you find bugs or have comments.

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