PhD thesis
The following PhD thesis can be download as pdf files:
Matteo Cassotti: QSAR study of aquatic toxicity by chemometrics methods in the framework of REACH regulation (2015);
Kamel Mansouri: New molecular descriptors for estimating degradation and fate of organic pollutants by QSAR/QSPR models within REACH (2013);
Faizan Sahigara: Tools for prediction of environmental properties of chemicals by qsar/qspr within reach. An applicability domain perspective (2013);
Andrea Mauri: Protein and peptide multivariate characterisation using a molecular descriptor based approach (2007);
Davide Ballabio: Chemometric characterisation of physical-chemical fingerprints of food products (2006);
Manuela Pavan: Total and partial ranking methods in chemical sciences (2003);

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