MOLMAP multiway toolbox
The MOLMAP multiway toolbox is a collection of MATLAB modules for calculating MOLMAP scores on multiway data. The scores can be used in subsequent regression or classification models.
 Help files
HTML files are provided toghter with the MATLAB files, in order to help the user. The HTML help provides some underlying information on the MOLMAP approach (see Theory section). A complete list of all the used MATLAB routines is given. An example of analysis (on simulated multiway data) is shown. Finally, some bibliographic references to Kohonen Maps and MOLMAP papers are given. Please, read also the license and write us if you find bugs or have comments.
 Conditions and warranty
The toolbox is freeware and may be used (but not modified) if proper reference is given to the authors. Preferably refer to:

Ballabio D, Consonni V, Todeschini R. (2007)
Classification of multiway analytical data based on MOLMAP approach.
Analytica Chimica Acta (2007), 605, 134-146

In short, no guarantees, whatsoever, are given for the quality of this toolbox or for the consequences of its use. It is inevitable that there will be some bugs, but we have tried to test the algorithms thoroughly.


You can freely download the MATLAB modules:

download MOLMAP multiway toolbox