Molecular Descriptors for Chemoinformatics
Roberto Todeschini and Viviana Consonni
WILEY - VCH, 2009
2 Volumes, 1257 Pages
ISBN-10: 3-527-31852-6
ISBN-13: 978-3-527-31852-0

in the Series of Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry - Volume 41
(Eds. R. Mannhold, H. Kubinyi, H. Timmerman)

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This is the revised and enlarged edition of the Handbook of Molecular Descriptors. It is a unique dictionary of molecular descriptors that contains an alphabetical listing of more than 3300 descriptors and terms for chemoinformatic analysis of chemical compound properties. Includes a complete survey of the relevant literature with more than 6000 selected references.

Introduction and historical perspective
How to learn from this book
User's guide
Dictionary of approx. 3300 entries in alphabetical order

List of Acronyms
List of Structures
Full bibliography of more than 6000 references, selected from 450 journals and covering the period from the beginning of molecular descriptor research until the year 2008