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Milano Chemometrics has been involved in several projects related to the use of QSAR for the REACH registration of chemicals. If you are interested in collaboration on these topics, read here.

New book: Molecular Descriptors for Chemoinformatics

New e-book: Metodologia della Ricerca Sperimentale

website dedicated to molecular descriptors released by Milano chemometrics and QSAR research group.

iamc-online.org, website of the International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry

VCC-LAB, Virtual Computational Chemistry Laboratory

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 QSAR for colours
An agreement has been finalised with REACH&Colours Italia Srl (Milano) with the aim of developing a new software for the study of organic dyes, read here.
 Milano Chemometrics in the EC SafeRubber project
Milano Chemometrics is involved in the SafeRubber project, that has received EC funding under the FP7 framework to develop a new, safe, multifunctional accelerator curative molecule. [read more...]
 MOLE db - Molecular Descriptors Data Base
The MOLE db - Molecular Descriptors Data Base is a free on-line database constituted of 1124 molecular descriptors calculated on 234773 molecules, released by Milano Chemometrics and QSAR Research Group: explore the MOLE db data base here!
 Download software and data
Visit our download page, where you can find softwares, MATLAB routines and datasets you can freely download: N3-BNN toolbox, PCA toolbox, Kohonen and CPANN toolbox, Classification toolbox, Applicability Domain toolbox, RSR toolbox for variable selection .